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I had been on active surveillance for Gleason & prostate cancer (3+4) for 18 months but my PSA was climbing and my doctors starting talking about surgery or radiotherapy if it had kept going up. I enjoyed then and still enjoy a physical relationship with my wife which I didn’t want to loose. Fortunately, I was directed to 20 lifestyle tips against cancer and one of these points mentioned pomi-t study which I started taking. Since them my PSA stopped going up and is now stable. My annual MRI shows no change and my oncologist is happy for me to stay on active surveillance. I also now only get up to pass water once (rather than 3 times) and my joints feel more comfortable. This has allowed me to do more running – Thank you Naturemedical for Pomi-T, this was a game changer for me!!!  PW 

The reason for contacting is to thank you for creating Pomi-T. In 2021, after 13 years in remission, breast cancer returned. Thankfully it was new & not mets. After active treatment concluded, I was placed on Letrozole (Femara). Unfortunately, I started to have the symptoms & felt like the tin man. I couldn’t move. Gillian, a friend, recommended I try Pomi-T. My oncologist was OK with me taking it. Within two weeks, I felt normal again & able to resume my daily activities without pain. Thank you for Pomi-T. You have helped me & many others. DT 

Hello. I have taken POMI-T for nearly 3 months, originally after seeing it on TV as a possible treatment for prostate cancer and I thought it may be a sensible insurance as I am now in the at risk age group.
What I have noticed is a great improvement in an arthritic knee condition such that I will avoid a total knee replacement for the foreseeable future, along with this tendons have lengthened enabling better knee flexion.
I can touch my toes easily for the first time in years.
My Specialist believes that the turmeric has relieved inflammation, as I am allergic to conventional anti- inflammatories this is a great benefit. I have recommended POMI-T to a number of friends who having played sports in their younger years have similar issues with joints.
Mr T B

Urologist feels unlikely to help at my age (82) but since being on Pomi- T, PSA increase has slowed markedly.

Is Pomi-T for real? I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was advised that active surveillance was a good option at present. My PSA has dropped by 30% – how long do you think this will last.

A major part of my self help has been my positive attitude and my diet. I was therefore very interested in Professor Thomas’s research into diet (article in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph).

Most of the medical profession I have been dealing with have been dismissive about diet but I have persevered and green tea, broccoli and to a lesser extent pomegranate have been a major part of my intake. By coincidence, I work in the tea business and have access to many varieties of green tea. It was inspirational for me to read the article and find a leading professor who not only had a positive attitude to diet but also more importantly had positive results from actual trials.

Hello I have been taking this product. For two weeks and I have been a tinitus sufferer for years and it has almost gone I am so happy thank you.

Still getting excellent results, last visit to specialist Dec 2013 and no need for any cortisone injections, I can walk 3 plus miles without inflammation and pain. People who I suggested Pomi-t have had mixed results, but those with most severe issues seem to have found some relief and increased mobility of joints.

After watching the TV program featuring Pomi – T some months back I thought I would give it a go, simply to help get rid of free radicals. After taking it for a short while I noticed that I no longer had ANY hot flushes.
I racked my brain trying to work out why this had happened as I hadn’t taken any prescribed medication for this. The only change I had made was taking Pomi-T twice daily. I was amazed and thought I would stop them and see what happened. within a day or two the flushes came back, oh boy! I started the Pomi-T immediately and within two days they had completely stopped again. I have taken them now for six months and have not had a single flush.
I would never at the outset thought for one moment this would have happened. I cannot thank you enough, flushes are debilitating and this truly has transformed my life. SY

Having seen the programme about Pomi T I was encouraged to try it for my arthritis. I am not able to take conventional anti inflammatories and also have psoriasis which may be linked. Since taking Pomi T I have seen significant improvement in both and would be interested in taking part in any trials for arthritis that you run. My flexibility has improved as have my energy levels. It is great to have improved mobility and pain reduction and I have recommended your product to friends who have joint problems. NW

Hi I have read about your trial for Pomi T for prostate cancer. My mum has been stage 4 breast since 2012 and has been taking Pomi T and has significantly improved as a result. UK

I was diagnosed with a low grade prostate cancer in September 2011 and after doing an amount of literature research decided against any medical intervention but instead change my diet and to some extent lifestyle and proceed with active surveillance. I eat lots of fresh vegetables and have cut down on meat, dairy, processed food and products with refined sugar. Included every day was raw broccoli and tomato juice.

After 2 years the Drs we unable to detect any cancer but we’re sceptical about the diet.

I started taking pomi-t about a year ago as an additional supplement. After my most recent check up they have declared the tumour benign and have stated they cannot detect any cancer.

I was also diagnosed with arthritis in my toe joints some time before 2010 which was interfering with dancing. I was prescribed anti inflammatory tablets which assisted. Since having started with the pomi-t capsules I now dance modern jive 4 times a week for 3 hours a time and do not need any anti inflammatory treatment at all.

A double win! Thanks John, UK

Hi Pomi-T,
Just wanted to share some good news with you!
Having had regular twice yearly PSA blood tests for my prostate, like many other over 40 something’s, I had tried quite a few different holistic approaches to stop my PSA score from rising…
From a starting point of 3.38, my PSA increased to 3.8.
In March this year I started to use Pomi-T. In October, I had my latest PSA test and my score reduced to 3.2!!!
Whoop whoop!!!!
Thanks PF

I read this article that appeared in Nature regarding the effects of Pomi-T on prostate cancer patients so started taking pomi-t. I have prostate cancer and had radiotherapy. After a year my PSA started going up so took and Pomi-T which had a profound effect on my PSA. Mmy PSA went from 6.1 in April, 2017 down 4.2 in a few months.  Then, when it started to climb again, I doubled the dose and was able to knock my PSA down to .10 by the end of March, 2018. My friend who started taking Pomi-T last year had his annual check up and his PSA levels have decreased dramatically. He is very happy! GH 

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer December 2013 Gleason 6. Saw TV program on this product and started taking them, I take just one a day with a vitamin D3 as I have a green tea every day and use fresh Turmeric in juice drinks. My last biopsy showed there was no sign of cancer and the PSA rate has slowed right down only increased by 0.3 in last 6 months. I mentioned I was taking this supplement to the Consultant Urologist he was disinterested and made no comment. I believe Pomi-T is helping me and will continue taking them.

I have been taking this supplement now for 5 months. I started taking it post covid when I struggled with insomnia. It has improved my sleeping tremendously even to the extend that I now sleep even better than before covid… Thank you

My husband seems pleased with these tabs and his PSA have decreased thanks to our Dr recommending them