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.“Gifts from Nature”


PhytoMineral was designed and evaluated by a team of leading nutritional research scientist to provide the precise daily requirements of the most important essential mineral supplements, uniquely supported by whole ginger. Read More


Phytonight+ is a novel, entirely natural, nutritional supplement which harnesses the calming, mood enhancing and health properties of purified, concentrated whole plant foods. Read More


Pomi-T is carefully crafted with a blend of scientifically selected plant polyphenols concentrated in a convenient vegetable capsule to help you embark on a journey into premium nutrition. Read More

Pomi-T Research and Development
Pomi-T research and development

Quality Assurance

All our supplements are designed and evaluated by teams of nutritional scientist and physicians ensuring the ingredients are safe and effective. They are made by leading UK and EU manufactures with the highest quality assurance and certification – unprecedented in the supplement industry.

Each batch is measured for candidate phytochemicals ensuring consistency as well as heavy metal, pesticide and microbe contamination ensuring safety, even with long term use.



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