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PhytoMineral was designed and evaluated by the UK’s leading nutritional scientist and physician to provide the precise daily requirements of the most important essential minerals, uniquely supported by whole ginger – rich in bioenhancing natural phytochemicals.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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Developed by a scientific team from a Cambridge University Hospitals, this capsule does not just focus on sedation, like other herbal supplements, it prepares the body for a restful night by targeting 6 fundamental biological mechanisms which commonly interfere with sleep:

  • Reducing stress levels – relaxing you before bedtime
  • Elevating mood – reducing negative thoughts at night
  • Boosting circadian rhythm – so your body knows when to sleep
  • Supporting  joint health – improving comfort at night
  • Improving gut inflammation – reducing  uncomfortable bloating
  • Reduces day time fatigue – avoids need for day time naps
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