Most probiotics are sold as dietary supplements, which do not undergo the high level of testing and approval process that drugs do. Manufacturers are responsible for making sure they’re safe before they’re marketed and that any claims made on the label are true. But there’s no absolute guarantee that the types of bacteria listed on a label are in the capsule. The bacteria in probiotic freeze-dried tablets may not even be still alive. It is really important to buy probiotics from reliable sources.

Naturemedical probiotics are produced by a long established, reputable UK manufacturer with a high quality assurance track record completely compliant with EU, UK and USA standards. So what you see on the label is definitely what is inside the capsule and they are fresh, free from contamination and the use by dates are accurate.

It is also very important that there is an evidence base for the blend of probiotics and prebiotics to ensure they are beneficial – as not all probiotics are healthy. Our blend has been evaluated and endored by a leading UK oncologist, lifestyle and nutritional expert.

In summary natureMedical probiotics have:

  • Have built in prebiotics to enhance their effect.
  • Are made by a trusted UK company.
  • Have reliable use by dates.
  • Are endorsed by a leading UK Oncologist.